What's Wrong With Romney?

He's a phoney. “Well shucks, I'm starting ta lak grits, y'all.”

He's clueless. “I'll drop Planned Parenthood.” (Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization only partially funded by the Federal, states, or local governments. Why doesn't Romney and/or his advisors know that?)

He's ignorant. The only thing that “trickles down” is water or sewage.

He spouts incorrect or non-information.

He doesn't do his homework.

He's unprepared.

He's foolish.

But, he's very good at PANDERING!

Pandering: (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Pandering is the act of expressing one's views in accordance with the likes of a group to which one is attempting to appeal. The term is most notably associated with politics. In pandering, the views one is verbally expressing are merely for the purpose of drawing support up to and including votes and do not necessarily reflect one's personal values.

Pandering is essentially a reaction of panic in elected officials who must either tailor their views to public opinion or risk losing their existing or potential seat.

Politicians running for office are known to pander because their winning depends on the voters. When an election is upcoming, many straw polls are taken, and the results may change by the day or even by the hour. By pandering, a politician attempts to tilt the results in his or her favor.

So this is the height of pandering to Neo Cons, Radical Right, Moral Majority, Tea Party, or whatever. Selecting this cute young, ambitous radical right congressman as his running mate.

And what's with all this manly men hugging?

And if you want to hear Romney's own arrogance, watch the Florida fundraising video in its entirety at