The Weakest Link

Reality TV

Survivor, Fear, Lost, Big Brother. They're all obviously, and sometimes poorly contrived. It's incredible that they seem to thrive, although the summer tv season is so poor, that their viewers, if any, may just be using tv as a baby-sitter.

The only true reality tv is The Weakest Link. What? How's that, you ask?

Follow this:

8 contestants try to answer questions and bank money within a limited time. At the end of a round, they vote off the weakest link—whoever misses a bunch of questions. Toward the end of the game, when there are 3 or 4 contestants remaining, somehow the smartest contestant gets voted off so the dumbest, and perhaps luckiest, ends up with all the money.

Here's where reality comes in. The smartest contestants pile up the money for the dumbest to take home. That's reality. The dumb shall feed off the smart. On the other hand, it's pretty dumb for a smart person to bother being a contestant.

Got it? No? You ARE the weakest link. Goodbye.


Guess what team broke the $100,000 mark? The Startrek team scored $167,500, beating out ordinary, seemingly undereducated people and highly touted "celebrity" teams that never made it close to $100,000. The Startrek team answered most of their questions correctly, ran up a score before they banked, and voted Capt. Kirk off early in the game.

What makes Star Trek actors smarter than rasslers, soap opera actors, survival winners, and old sitcom retirees?

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