A Virus for the Clueless

The ultimate virus: get the recipient to destroy their own system. Or at least muck it up.

The perpertrator can rely on the speed of the internet to spread the rumor. And here it is. Anyone who doesn't bother to verify a rumor or to understand their computer system deserves their fate.

And here is the VIRUS ALERT! Would you fall for it?


A VIRUS could be in your computer files now, dormant but will become active on June 1.

FOLLOW DIRECTIONS BELOW TO CHECK IF YOU HAVE IT AND TO REMOVE IT NOW. No Virus software can detect it. It will become active on June 1, 2001. It might be too late by then. It wipes out all files and folders on the hard drive. This virus travels thru E-mail and migrates to the 'C:\windows\command' folder. To find it and get rid of it off of your computer, do the following: Go to the "START" button. Go to "FIND" or "SEARCH" Go to "FILES & FOLDERS" Make sure the find box is searching the "C:" drive. Type in; SULFNBK.EXE Begin search. If it finds it, highlight it. Go to 'File' and delete it. Close the find Dialog box Open the Recycle Bin Find the file and delete it from the Recycle bin. You should be safe. The bad part is: You need to contact everyone you have sent ANY E-mail to in the past few months. Many major companies have found this virus on their computers. Please help your friends !!!!!!!! DO NOT RELY ON YOUR ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE. McAFEE and NORTON CANNOT DETECT IT BECAUSE IT DOES NOT BECOME A VIRUS UNTIL JUNE 1ST. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT OPEN THE FILE!!!

Do you think the clueless will ever learn? Naaa. They even believe what they read in the newspapers and see on TV. It's so easy they don't make the effort to think. Those that don't think, deserve the consequences.


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