Unity08.com —

A people's movement to take our country back.

Announced by Sam Waterston (Law and Order DA Jack McCoy) on George Stephanopoulis' Sunday morning show March 18. See the video at

http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=2960960. (This is a link to ABC News. HT is not responsible for its maintenance or continued accuracy.)

Great idea. Look at the web site at http://www.unity08.com. The message: Bring primary elections to the people via the Internet. It worked for Howard Dean. He raised a lot of funds from ordinary people, implying that he was not beholden to PAC's or special interest groups.

The unity08.com donations page appears to be "credit card secure" but is operated by http://ga6.org*, a software company in Berkley, California. The disclaimer at the bottom of the donations page reads "Paid for by Unity08, PO Box 12545, Arlington, VA 22219,... Federal law requires us to ask for your full name, mailing address, current employer and occupation of [if?] your gift to Unity08 exceeds $200 in a calendar year. Donations will not be used to support or oppose any Federal candidates, but will be used to support Unity08's organization building efforts, including ballot access." "Donations are not tax deductable."

Who is the money going to? A post office box in Arlington, Va? No, it appears to go to http://ga6.org*.

Unity08 is being promoted by ABC News, a respected Law and Order actor, George Stephanopoulis, and a list of lesser know, ordinary citizens. But if you google unity08.com, you'll find pages and pages of controversy. If you miss type the URL (unityo8.com) instead of unity[zero]8.com, you'll get a fake.

*Source: http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp as of March 18, 2007.

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