The Shield

FX Cable, Tuesday nights

Award-winning first season. Raunchy, moderately violent, fast- paced. The hero is a slick, effective, dirty cop. The supporting characters are not much different.

So why is the hero corrupt? And how is he different from an over-paid ceo of a major corporation who cheats his employees and stockholders? Or an equally over-paid politician who takes money from special interest groups?

The difference is that the cop gets the bad guys off the street. Sure, he ignores the law and lawyers. But he protects the citizens by cheating the system.

What is the attraction of this show? Are we waiting for Vic to get caught? Are we fascinated watching him avoiding getting caught? We watch as he gets deeper and deeper into his own web?

Is this another reality tv? Will its popularity result in it being sanitized like so many other first season hits?

Tune in next season (starting January).

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