Mitt's Answer For Fixing The Economy!

Mitt Romney spoke to a packed Detroit stadium of the faithful.

He announced his cure for the economy (written by the US Chamber of Commerce probably). Mosty lowering corporate taxes and belt tightening. Ah, but whose belts were going to be tightened? Guess. Lay off Federal workers and cut their salaries and benefits. Wow! Reform medicare and some other stuff that affects senior and soon-to-become senior citizens.

Does belt tightening include ALL government employees? After all, Congress, the President, and the Supremes are all paid (overpaid?) by the Fe/deral government.

It's so easy to spot the irrationality of Republicans, tea-holic partyers if you pay attention and remember history and economics. Do you really think that our government can fix the economy? Our government was responsible for it! BiPartisan government at that!

We're on our own folks. Be careful about not letting government know how we're prospering. But let your friends know.