The 2nd Great Depression:
In 1929 the stock market and banks crashed.

Unemployment and breadlines

Republican President Herbert Hoover ineffectively tried to fix what became a world wide economic failure and was defeated for reelection in 1932 by

Democrat Franklyn Delano Roosevelt whose New Deal provided relief for the unemployed, recovery of the economy, and reform and regulation of the economic and banking systems.

The Great Depression lasted more than 10 years with unemployment, breadlines, soup kitchens, and poverty.

78 years and 11 months later... major banks crashing, unemployment, stock market losses, massive inflation, government deficit spending, middle class wealth deteriorating.

Why? Banks were deregulated, SEC ignored oversight, corporate fraud unprosecuted, complacent and ignorant public.

And once again, a Republican administration will try to fix it. This time, by rescueing the very institutions and people who caused it—the banks, the financial manipulators, the stock brokers—everybody but the Government that let them get away with the fraud. The Government is buying out failed corporations. Capitalism has failed and Government ownership is SOCIALISM!

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