Stop whining and adapt to the modern U.S.A.

The dinosaurs did not survive the changes to their world--whether it was the ice age or a gigantic meteor. The modern dinosaurs won't survive the mistakes and decline of our economy, democracy, banks, schools, press, media, churches, society.

The whiners screech that Washington is broken, but who broke it? Alan Greenspan didn't see the crash coming? He must have. A bunch of real economists did.

Do whiners not recognize that Wall Street is broken and crooked? Modern Capitalism produces nothing of value except obcene riches for the upper crust shareholders?

Bought or stolen elections are destroying democracy.

Do you still trust Wall Street, banking institutions, government, the news media, organized religion? They have all failed miserably. We can only count on ourselves, and, to some extent each other. Our grandparents survived the Great Depression without help from today's incompetent insitutions. Did you not inherit some of their DNA?

Taking to the streets (Occupy Wall Street) is fun, but generally non-productive. A million seniors pushing their walkers down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol steps won't protect their Social Security or Medicare investments. Congress has been bleeding the trust fund for years. And seniors can't climb steps.

Stop whining and figure it out. Back to basics.

May you live in insteresting times: Old Chinese curse

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