Fixing Social Security

Why? Is it broken? Who broke it?

Funds have been withheld from our paychecks for decades and have paid for the previous generation. Zillions of dollars. What happened to the fund?

  1. The funds were dumped into several commercial banks with good ole boy connections to Treasury Department appointees. Ordinarily, banks would pay interest on such huge and regular deposits. Interest, compounded, would have increased the fund considerably and it wouldn't have been so much of a ponzi scheme that it is.
  2. Congress rescinded that law protecting Social Security funds from being tapped for regular Government spending for wars, special projects, and balancing the budget. The Government has been robbing our piggy bank for decades. Will that money be returned to the Social Security fund? Sure, it will.

So now you know the cause of the problem, we can fix it. Right?

Do you really think the several banks that hold these funds will start adding interest to the account?

Do you really think the Government will stop dipping into the Social Security funds to pay for their corruption and waste?


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