Smoking Is Hazardous To My Health?

Cigarettes aren't hazardous to my health. What's hazardous to my health is apparently the additives that cigarette manufacturers put into their product. I don't know what the additives are. They seem to fall under the Official Secrets act. I don't know why they are added to tobacco or why tobacco has to be so over processed to fit into a tube of paper with a fiberglass filter stuck on the end and painted to look like a cork. (Maybe the filter is more hazardous to my health than the tobacco is.)

I'm beginning to realize that everything we ingest, inhale, drink, touch, or look at is hazardous to our health. You can't even go to the beach without smearing yourself with some expensive product designed to block out the rays of the sun.

Everything that is now found to be hazardous to my health seems to be additives that some manufacturer has processed in to an otherwise healthy product. Roast beef was healthy before farmers fed steroids to steers. Chicken was easily digested until processors plucked them, gutted them and dipped them in water that wasn't changed for a week. Cherrios were terrific until they were processed with BCHT to extend their shelf life. All this stuff was healthy, tasty and good until it got manufactured. What does that tell you? We should all go out and grow our own Cherrios hydroponically?

Maybe cigarette smoking would be less hazardous if we bought tobacco straight from the farmers, ground it up and rolled our own. My grandfather used to do that. It took a long time, so he smoked less. He died of old age when he was 86 years old. But "old age" never appears on a death certificate. The doctor probably added "smoker" to further skew the Surgeon General's statistics.