Scamming the Elderly

It's a telephone scam. The accent is definitely foreign, but of indeterminant origin. So far there are two variations. They call by name (usually mispronounced) and confirm your address. They've obviously gotten their hands on a database (probably hacked from the government).

The first variation is the announcement that their organization is issuing medical cards to every senior in the U.S. Wow. Free. All they need is the name of your bank. Right. If the card is free, why do they need the name of your bank? If the senior balks, they hang up.

The second variation is that their organization has recovered money that the senior was owed from a past ripoff (or class action suit). They can't mail you the check but need the name of the senior's bank and the little numbers at the bottom of the checks.

Will this organization get rich before they close up shop? Probably. They're using the telephone, probably figuring that few elderly on fixed income have access to the Internet. Are they appealing to people on fixed and limited income? Definitely. Do they think that the elderly are naive and gullible? Absolutely. Will the government protect the elderly and catch these crooks? Probably not. The crooks are calling from outside the U.S. and can't be prosecuted.


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