Future History—the Second Sandbox War

The year was 2003. The United States, on a drummed-up excuse of ridding the world of a tyrant and destroying weapons of mass destruction, invaded Iraq.

The actual cause

was to stabilize the middle east and insure the supply of oil for industrial countries. In other words, geopolitic. A strategic area during the reign of the British Empire, the settlement of disparet Arab tribes, the discovery and development of rich oil resources in the region, and the establishment of the state of Israel after WWII created conditions that were manipulated by Secretaries of States and Foreign Ministers for over 60 years.

Finally, in the name of Islam, a well-financed group organized in the model of Lenin's communist cells, attacked the symbol of the US financial power, the World Trade Center's twin towers in a horrific display of destruction of property and lives. This act was enough to set off the then-President, George W. Bush and his advisors and to demolish the complacency and security of the American public.

Avenge the WTC!

The instigators were identified and tracked down in the name of justice. None of them were ever tried in a court of law. Frustrated, the American President shifted to Iraq and Saddam Hussein to finish the job that had begun during his father's presidency. The reasoning was very loose and nobody really bought it. The more obvious cause for attacking Iraq was to take over control of the Iraqi oil fields and return the control of Middle East oil to the Corporate United States. And it worked.

The US successfully invaded Iraq. Hussein was mysteriously assassinated by parties unknown, and the U.S. military forces established a "democratic" government similar to that of General Douglas MacArthur's Japanese regime after WWII.

The Provisional Iraq Occupational Government cancelled all previous Iraqi oil contracts (primarily with Russia, France, and China) and re-contracted with U.S. and the Euro for Iraqi oil. The price of oil rose abruptly. The President and Vice-President's connections and investments in oil industry were quietly ignored by the U.S. press.

The military occupation force never found the weapons of mass destruction, but by that time nobody really cared. Treaties were written and signed and the occupational forces built strategic military bases to protect the Middle East against future evil tyrants. The region remained "stable" for only 20 years.


1. Was George W. Bush reelected for a second term?

2. How long was martial law imposed in the United States?

3. Was the Second Sandbox War instrumental in the subsequent disintegration of the U.S. economy?

4. What factors contributed to China's replacement of the U.S. as a world power?

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