Over-hyped six-part TV series with instant repeats on Bravo if you missed the original episode and cared enough to watch.

An apparent appeal to the faithful and may actually be an assignment from their pastors. Otherwise confusing, draggy, boring. By the second episode you don't care whether GOOD triumphs over EVIL. This review will cover only the first two episodes since we're not going to watch the rest.

The plot so far: wimpy astro-physicist grieving over his brutally murdered daughter and therefore vulnerable to the preachy, clean, slightly Irish nun whose mission is to find the reborn Christ child so she can protect him from the anti-Christ. Give me a break!

Throw in occasional lines of New Testament scripture and new-age platitudes, the nun is gradually converting the previously logical "scientist" into a true believer, and together they go in search of the child.

If this lame mini-series ever gets it together, let us know. We may or may not post your opinion for others to find out if the world ends before Summer reruns.

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