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April 8, 2005: Response to Man of the Year nomination. Just another example of rightous indignation from the radical right. Incoherent and blithering.

The fuck-wit moron of this site should be considered for Man (questionable term in this case at best) of the year... Why? Its always entertaining to see some doofus not have a clue what he/she/it is talking about and apparently takes much pride in parading it in public... So you should wear the mantle of not only man of the year but clueless, leftie/liberal parasite and waste of tax dollars fool of the year also...

September 11, 2002: Response to Jerry Falwell and the telebabies.

From: "Williams, Brad" bwilliams@BMSManagement.com
this was a great idea, looks like Jerrys also anatomically correct. Purple looks good on him. good job.

October 22, 2002:

From: "Randy Simmon" rsimmon@lwconline.com
Subject: Jerry Flaws well
I'm not sure to whom this will REALLY be sent, so I'll be sensitive with the language I use! As a Christian believer who lived and taught in a Muslim country for two years, and currently teaching in another Asian country, WORDS CAN"T express the ANGER and EMBARRASSMENT at Falwell's most recent UN-CHRIST LIKE remarks caused in my heart and mind!! I've been looking now for the past several days trying to find a way to get a message to him and THE WORLD that NO ONE with a MIND, and a true heart turned toward Jesus Christ could, would, or SHOULD make the kinds of comments that he CONTINUES to make!!! Those of us who are out in the world trying to make a difference for the Kingdom of God as expressed in Jesus Christ face enough obstacles without someone of his fame making remarks such as he did about Islam. I'm usually fairly articulate, but this whole situation has me beyond words...at least words that wouldn't betray the Christ whom I love. P.S. Did Jerry's momma never teach him the old saying:"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"? YES, there are times that as true followers of Jesus we MUST speak out on certain subjects. But come on!!!!!

Aug 2002: More Falwell and the telebabies

From: "Shirley Wilson" wilsonbz2@attbi.com
Subject: jerry and the teletubbies I think that it is ridiculous. Not only is it probably untrue that one of the Teletubbies is gay but so what if he is. If you don't want your child to watch Teletubbies then get cable and switch on Disney. or Nickelodeon or any one of the networks established just for kids. I don't have kids but I have a four year old niece that loves Teletubbies and if she likes it and it makes her smile in a world that has so little to smile about then let her smile while she can. To Jerry Falwell I maybe you should spend more time praying than watching children's puppet shows. Rather than worrying about other people's way of life do what the Bible says and worry about your own path to God. Remember "Judge not lest ye be judged?"

November 19, 2001: Reaction to the Jerry Falwell page from a Liberty University student went up in flames before we could post it. It probably would have been censored by the internet cops anyway. Shame, shame. Such language from a christian.

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