Democratic Party Primary Process Analysis—Timeline

February 10, 2008

I'm tired of the Clintons. But ex-Presidents are the Party leaders and directly or indirectly, President Clinton controls the Party machinery and money.

Barak Obama came along on his own without the Party machine. He is not owned by what's left of the Democratic Party and may be in a position to really change the whole corrupt process. Or not.

Yet he's not likely to be the nominee. Why? Hypocrisy Today has polled the Boomer to Centrum Silver groups and found that even the Republicans don't want McCain and don't like Hillary, but won't vote for Obama. They vehemently deny that it's because he's black, and mumble that he's muslim (but aren't sure of how they know that). Another excuse is that he's inexperienced. The wildest reason is that he'll bring in all the underpriviledged, black underclass. What? Like the black community is supporting him? Haven't seen much sign of that.

Super Tuesday is over. More primaries coming before November. The Republicans have shaken out to one contender, so the Democrat primaries will tell the tale. And pray (if you're so inclined) that the Democratic Party doesn't fuckup yet another election.

February 12, 2008

Well, that was interesting. Obama swept Virginia, won Washington DC (they can't vote, so it was just token), and Maryland (which the Clintons supposedly had wrapped up with support of the Governor and senior U.S. Senator).

February 20, 2008

Wisconsin and Hawaii. Obama is on a roll. Even John McCain must think so, since he's started to criticize Obama instead of Hillary.

I finally realized what bothers me about Hillary. She claims experience. But. Whatever experience she may have, she gained as the President's wife. The only job she ever got on her own was with an Arkansas law firm.

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor had experience. She was a lawyer, a judge, and then a Supreme Court Justice. Her husband had nothing to do with her career. Perhaps just to cook dinner?

There are plenty of women with real experience for the job. I'm waiting for one of them to run for the presidency. Although, I don't know why an intelligent woman would want the job.

February 24, 2008

FLASH! Sunday, Ralph Nader announces his candidacy on Meet The Press. Where does this guy get off? He helped to screw up Florida in 2000 and now he's going to screw up 2008? Obviously a Republican dirty trick—plant Nader in the election to split the Democrats (even more). We're doomed. On the other hand, maybe he'll split the Republicans. Nah.

March 5, 2008

Yesterday: Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont. What happened?

McCain has already started the "commander-in-chief" gambit. Does he think he can beat Hillary but not Obama? Could be.

So McCain is the likely Republican nominee and probably will claim the Commander in Chief ability. But how can McCain claim Commander experience? He was only a lieutenant in the Air Force. Not much of a command. And as a Senator, he blindly backed Commander in Chief Bush. McCain is a follower, hardly a leader.

Whoops! Senator McCain just boo booed. In his (non-political) tour of the Middle East and Europe (March 2008) he tried to reinforce the administration's "intelligence" about Iran's connection with Al Qaeda and had to be corrected (on camera) by Senator Liberman that Iran was not connected to Al Qaeda.

Experience, experience. There is no experience for the presidency. Whatever happened to judgement as a credential?

May 7, 2008, the day after Indiana and North Carolina

What? Tim Russert worked the math on a couple of low tech white boards to prove that Senator Clinton cannot be the Democratic nominee. She can't raise funds to pay for her campaign, yet she keeps going. The TV analyzers speculate that she may work the Clinton magic to convince the super delegates to overturn the popular vote. She wants to "enfranchise" the voters in Florida and Michigan where the rules were broken. She wants Senator Obama to turn over his hard-won campaign funds to her.

Does she think that she will be the Democratic nominee? How?

Just what we need—another president who can't recognize reality.

On To West Virginia!

May, 2008

West Virginia and Kentucky—Hillary is catching up. She has won the "white, hard-working class" voters, suggested gender bias on the part of the Obama camp, and claims a majority of the popular vote if Florida and Michigan primaries are included. She's stirring up Florida voters to demand that their "against the rules" primary be counted at the national convention. Her not so suble implication is that a black man cannot win against McCain, but she can.

The Clintons are starting to annoy me.

June 3, 2008

The last of the primaries! An interesting night.

Now McCain wants to have a series of debates with Obama. Of course he does. How else can he get exposure without paying for advertising? Does the Pillsbury Doughboy really think he can show up well against the master? Certainly not on any economic questions. "Debates" are stupid and uninformative. Boring.

Watch this space for the next installment. The fat lady hasn't sung yet. But Hillary is putting on some weight.

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