E-bay/Amazon/PayPal Have Frozen Your Account!

Have you gotten e-mail like this? Authentic-looking isn't it. Complete with real logos. Sometimes the grammar and spelling look like it's translated from Chinese and it probably is.

Scared? So you click on the links to your e-bay, amazon, or paypal account to clear up this big mistake. The links look valid too. Except they go someplace else that is not e-bay, amazon, or paypal. (Right click to "view source" to confirm the misdirection.)

This fraud is called "phishing" (say it outloud). It's after your identity information. And you bank account.

The current e-bay spoof is perpertrated in Bangkok by darkprofits.com owned by Ali Framid. E-Bay knows about the fraud. They just can't do anything about it. Ali is in Bangkok after all. He'll be rich soon, so he'll never get caught.

And the amazon.com "confirm shipping" e-mail? That goes to www.oem-expert.biz in Tako, China, owned by vchay ltd. Chun Pu is getting rich too.

PayPal is sending e-mail to its customers warning about the fraudulent e-mail and how to guard against it.

Can you protect yourself? Probably not. Too bad.

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