I Feel Your Pain

A report on NPR recently covered the attempted suicide of a young woman off a bridge in Oregon. The bitch sat on the edge of a bridge for 3 goddamn HOURS, while traffic was only allowed to go by one lane at a time and was backed up for miles while negotiators tried build a rapport with the weirdo. Our fellow irate sociopaths yelled "jump" and other "vulgar and obscene" things, according to the cop who was interviewed.

The big story here was that some loser is in critical condition (she jumped), while hundreds of commuters were inconvenienced. In your typical NPR liberal, sanctimonious tones, the reporter not-too subtly suggested that the maybe 5 (or so) people who shouted had NO LEGITIMATE REASON TO BE PISSED OFF.

Can you believe this? Well, can you? Our society has gotten so hard on us sociopaths—but there is hope! Perhaps Dubya can straighten out his mess and make sociopathic tendencies fashionable again after years of "I feel you're a pain" bullshit. Bushie is hardhearted enough for me, I tell ya. Or is that Cheney? Ha! Take care of yourselves always, and no, you still don't get no money.

Contributed by Connie Lingus