Change? What Change?

Has he fired the incompetent SEC employees who failed to investigate Bernie Madoff?

Has he replaced the financial advisers with real economists?

Has he busted the big banking monopolies that created the credit problems?

Is he still listening to Ben Bernanke at the Fed? Why didn't the expert on the Great Depression notice that we were headed toward a crash?

Has he rescinded the totally unconstiutional Patriot Act?

Has he held any Bush administration appointees accountable for their incompetence or criminal behavior?

Nooooo. He's traveling around on Air Force 1 and Marine 1 monopolizing the evening news with photo ops with world leaders. He's slowly changing his message to "we must tighten our belts and forget the past".

It will take more than 100 days or one four year term to correct the errors and mistakes of eight years. But why hasn't President Obama gotten started?


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