Exposé? Nah. Bombshell Book? No way.

He was kept out of the loop. He just presented the administration's propaganda regarding the the rationale for invading Iraq. He was deliberately misled by Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and VP Cheney. It wasn't his fault.

Didn't he know that he was just spouting the Party Line instead of facts? Didn't he realize that the White House Press Corps didn't really press him? (If they had, they would have risked losing their White House privileges.) Why does he think that this book is setting the record straight and redeeming his reputation? What reputation? Everyone knows (or should know) that the President's press secretary is just a mouthpiece for disinformation.

See one of Scott McClellan's press conferences.

So the "insider" exposé isn't particularly interesting, since McClellan wasn't an insider. Just sour grapes for getting fired?

And what about Bush's grand plan of imposting "coercive democracy" on Iraq. When did that become an excuse for invading Iraq?

The only good thing about this "bombshell" is that it diverted cable news from the long drawnout primary race. Yawn.

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