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Domestic terrorists? SEND 'EM TO GITMO!

Remember, remember the 5th of November....

... when you vote on the 6th.

NYC Paparazzi, Christopher Sadowski is using the new copyright law to extort Internet blogs allegedly using his photos without paying him.

Seriously? Google Christopher Sadowski and check for his lawsuits.




And a California lawyer is trying to extort Hypocrisy Today for alleged copyright infringement of "professional photographer, Christopher Sadowski's" photo of a dejected Bernie Madoff on a New York sidewalk in 2008. The lawyer's client will settle for a mere $2,500 to avoid a possible $150,000 in statuatory damages plus court costs, etc. But I'm just guessing that Bernie didn't consent to having his photograph taken or published, so Bernie could really sue Sadowski.

"And you know, of course, that if you see it on the Internet, it's gotta be true"

It Can't Happen Here?

It seems to be now. It was foreseen by author Sinclair Lewis in 1936 when he saw what was happening in what was becoming Nazi Germany. Never read the book? It was out of print for decades and now has become in demand. Go to printers-devil.com/orderlewis to get your copy via e-mail for only $8.95. It's in pdf format, not locked, so you can share it.

If you think The Donald's judgement is ridiculous now, just think how bad it will be when you elect Trump President.

The world laughed at us during the Bush presidency, but now we've completely blown it. Hasn't anybody been paying attention to this idiocy? Sigh.


Who shredded the Constitution? Congress! With the Patriot Act and Bush when he signed it! And nobody complained!

WAKE UP DUMB ASS AMERICANS! Fox News is NOT news. It's just opinion based on fear, intolorance, lack of real fact.


Why are people blaming President Obama for the failure and chaos created by the Affordable Care Act? The President is not responsible for making law. That is Congress' job. Don't they teach civics in high school anymore?

But don't blame Congress entirely. They were unduly influenced by the wealthy insurance interests, American Medical Association, the drug industry, and bribery. All the loopholes were created by the insurance industry and Congress was stupid enough not to read the damn loopholes in the legislation. All 900 pages of it.

But get over it. You don't want to become dependent on doctors, hospitals, or medication. They can make you sick.


Note to tourists visiting Washington:

The Washington Monument is closed. The White House tours are closed. The WWII memorial is closed, except to WWII veterans. Sorry to spoil your vacation but so long as you're here, go visit your congressperson instead. He/she is the one who spoiled it!

New Series! The Fall of Capitalism. It is now Social Capitalism.


The media is in a panic! Congress is in a panic? Are we in a panic? No way. We don't even know what a fiscal cliff is and don't believe that anyone else does either. It's just some buzz word that the director of the Fed dreamed up as if he knew what was happening. If he's so brilliant, how come he didn't see the crash of 2008 coming when real ecomists warned about it?

The Economic Crisis Explained For Dummies: Cyprus!

Stop Whining and Figure It Out You too can survive the Great Recession and collapse of our treasured institutions.

Recognizing Propaganda For Dummies Anywone raised by television has been so brainwashed that they buy whatever is fed to them--from advertising to "news". Read here how it's done.

What's Wrong With Romney? The new millenium has ushered in a celebration of ignorance. Where did it come from? The answer: Reality is too hard for some people to face so intelligent people will have to suffer the power of ignorance. Sigh.

BREAKING NEWS! June 28, 2012 The Supreme Court Upholds RomneyCare! What's good for Massachusetts is good for the U.S.A.!

(Sorry Colbert, I just had to share you quote)

Romney Promises to Dump ObamaCare!

The Logic of the Radical Right

A Collection of Political and Other Cartoons

What's Wrong With ObamaCare?

What to do about school bullies.

Mitt's Answer to Fixing the Economy!

The TransCanada Pipeline: from Canada to Texas; cutting the U.S. in half!

American Democracy: Killed by our own government! more

Beware the Governement-Wall Street Conspiracy

April 9, 2011! Government Shutdown Averted (temporarily)

Congressmen Boehner and Reid finally realized that shutting down the Federal Government would result in the American people finally realizing that we didn't need the Government at all.

But will those amateur politicians newly elected by the tea party to provide Republican majority in Congress realize that they are irritating the majority of Americans who are fed up with them all but are too lazy to march or demonstrate.

What's left? Let's try Passive Aggressive.

April 15, 2011! U.S. Government: too big to fail?

Who's going to bail out Congress and the White House? Haven't you been paying attention? Us, of course. But why?


Did you know that, according to the Social Security Administration there was no cost of living increase in 2009 and therefore no increase in your Social Security checks for 2010? What planet do you think our caring government is on? They've cooked the books again. Gasoline doesn't cost more; groceries don't cost more; electricity doesn't cost more...

And, they government is going to force us to pay for medical insurance even though it's a ripoff.

Anarchy is starting to look really attractive.

Seniors of the U.S. Unite! We have nothing to lose but our walkers!

The Purpose of Life


Gender Wars

Maud, the life and times of a praying mantis

Watch this space

2009, the new administration.

Disappointing. High hopes dashed! President Obama has made some dumb mistakes: He commented on the arrest of the Harvard professor before he knew the facts. He compared medical insurance to compulsory auto insurance. He hasn't held the Bush administration minions accountable for their misdeeds. Has he blown his promise?

Change? What Change?

They're going to fix Social Security!

Click here to discover the difference between a loan shark and Visa, Master Card, and American Express....

Optimistic about the new broom cleaning out the mess from the previous 8 years, we were planning to take a sabbatical. We're archiving the past to TheDarkAges.html.

But... Geithner

Oh well. There's still hypocrisy in Congress. Sigh.

Medical Insurance Rant

Obama Care UnconstitutionalMedical Insurance Scam: It's legal!

Mandatory Medical Insurance: The government's latest intrusion on personal choice.

Mandatory health insurance? Insurance is the problem, not the solution.

What Economy?

Paradoxes and brilliant ideas

Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm wasn't there for Hurricane Katrina

The Democrat's Iraq Plan

Bumper Sticker: "Nuke 'em all. Let Allah Sort 'em Out"

Microsoft's Vista—Can't Live Without It.

Attack of the E.Coli. Conspiracy? Terrorism? The answers here!

Congressman Foley, not responsible. Alcohol made him do it.

Data Mining Schemes. Beware of this free gift scam.

Hezbollah, Israel stepped in it this time.

"Illegal" Aliens: our latest hypocrisy

Dumb & Dumber: amateurs working telephone scams and identity theft.

Maryland Comptroller Claims That Internet Sales Are Illegal: Attempts to collect cigarette sales taxes from consumers.

More Maryland state government incompetence: Failure to control public utility monopolies' rate gouging. Constellation Energy Group 72% rate increase.

The Real Reasons for Trashing Social Security

The solution to credit card debt.

Training Manual for the Presidency

History of the World for Dummies:

Unrevised, unabridged. No worrisome dates to memorize, no tiresome footnotes, no papers to write, no class attendance required. Unlike most current history books, this is totally unplagerized and is not restricted by Government guidelines on the teaching of history.

The study of economics is included in this series because it is an essential element in the study of history and current events. Don't worry. Economics is not that hard to understand. And if you don't understand economic principles, you'll be easy prey for government or corporate flim flam.

Must re-read books: you read them when you were young and naive. Read them again to really understand the message.


Capitalism Hoax Does Enron really shock you? It is merely the latest in the history of American scams.

Computer and Arcade Game Reviews:

Book, TV and Movie Reviews

There are certain popular tv shows that are not yet reviewed here. Talk shows, court tv, shows directed to teens, shows about young adults trying to "find themselves".



Con Games on the Internet


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Because some of the news in the papers is funny just by itself, we are saved from having to write about it. Besides, we couldn't possibly be as hypocritical as "Straight News" ripped from today's newspapers...


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