The Final Bush Legacy? TVA Sludge Spill.

How Dumb Are Republicans?

Terrorist Alert!

September 11 : Shock, grief, fear, and patriotism, but already the beginnings of hypocrisy.

Taking advantage of the situation, within hours some gas stations raised their prices to $5.00 a gallon. Within days, the already failing airlines whined to the government to bail them out for their losses. Public outrage brought gas prices back to merely exorbitant, but 6 months later they rose again for absolutely no excuse.

The Osama Tapes: These audio tapes were retrieved by courageous HT journalists from a remote palace in Saudi Arabia. Analysts surmise that, like Richard Nixon, Osama had his conversations recorded for historic purposes or perhaps for his memoirs.

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Hypocrites of the 20th Century

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