Tim Geithner for Treasury Secretary?

He can't file his own taxes properly, so how can he analyse the monetary needs of the nation?

Like the rest of us, he got W2's for his main job, but ignored the self-employment forms that he had to file for his consulting job with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). IRS caught him for $44,000 (without interest or penalties).

What's worse, he trusted TurboTax.

"He takes full responsibility for his mistake and apologized for being sloppy."

I repeat. How can he deal with running the Treasury Department if he doesn't understand the basics of his own budget and personal accounting? Will he be sloppy in managing the huge, but important Treasury Department?

Update: Senator asked him why he hadn't replaced the 8 banking CEO's who has screwed up so miserably, yet gave themselves "retention incentives". With an absolutely straight face, Geithner said it was a matter for their board of directors to handle. Like their lack of judgement and/or corruption handled it in the first place?

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