Drug Lords of the U.S.

You thought the drug lords were Columbian?

Glaxo, maker of grossly overpriced Claritin and other drugs is in a turf war, just like any Columbian drug lord or street dealer. Except Glaxo's weapon for beating down their competition is their clout with the U.S. Government. Their competition? Canadian pharmacies.

Glaxo is trying to put a stop to U.S. citizens reimporting of prescription medicine from Canada. The same prescription drugs that Glaxo and other drug companies either manufacture in Canada or sell at greatly reduced prices to Canada are being sold at Canadian prices in the U.S. over the internet.

What are the pharmas whining about? The Canadian prices are 1/3 to 1/2 of what U.S. pharmacies are selling the exact same drugs in the manufacture's containers. Canada is cutting into their profits.

Are U.S. pharmacies gouging or are the drug manufacturers gouging everybody?

And what do you think our government in its alleged wisdom will do? Go along with the giant pharma lobby of course, and make noises about medical insurance, which we all know is ripping off everybody anyway.

What can you do? Nothing, as usual.

Before he left office, President Eisenhower warned about the danger of the military-industrial collusion. He didn't realize that the real problem would be the corporate-government collusion.