Arlen Specter, the Republican senator from Pennsylvania changed political parties today (April 28, 2009). Whatever that means. Why? He says that he doesn't want to fight the ultra conservatives in the Pennsylvania Republican primary. So he's going to run in the Democratic primary and prevent any legitimate Democrat from running for the Senate?

Why are the Democrats so excited about Specter's changing parties? Will he be a loyal Democrat? (if there is such a thing) Is he rational? This is the man who served on the Warren Commission and invented the magic bullet that bouced around and reversed course before it struck John Connelly.

Will he vote Democrat? There are Democrats who don't vote Democrat. Does party really matter? So far, it doesn't seem to. The Democrats in Congress are following the Bush administration's support of corrupt and incompetent bankers, insurance executives, SEC, and Treasury appointees.

What is Congress smoking these days and why aren't they sharing it with the rest of us?

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