Oxymorons—Old and New

in all honesty

compassionate conservatism

military intelligence

legitimate business

democratic government

free elections

honest politician

moral majority

friendly fire

no brainer (think about it. Why is the advertiser, salesman, preacher, politician urging you not to bother thinking?)

Annoying and, Consequently, Meaningless Clichés

Zero tolorance

I had no choice

as we speak


level playing field

someone once said... [followed by an obscure quotation]


...just doing my job

Have a nice day

"must see tv"

Contributed by Carolinahousecats

Euphonism (new category)

friggin': used by script writers on TV shows in place of the "F" word to get around TV censors. The irony is that friggin' is nastier than the "F" word. Old sailors song about frigging in the rigging. Now, what do you think that's all about? As the captain said, "form a circle and give the end man a chance." TV censors aren't very smart if they're fooled that easily.

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