Interview With
President George W. Bush

HT: President Bush, did you read our interview with the Democratic Party's presumed nominee?

President Bush: Nah. It was much too long. I'm too busy to deal with minutia. But my advisors read it and reported their takes on it. Good laugh. Almost choked on my pretzel.

HT: And what was their take?

President Bush: That it was much too long. heh, heh.

HT: Seriously. The interview raised some serious issues. For instance, that you are using fear to continue to abrogate Constitutional rights.

President Bush: Fear is John Ashcroft's bailywick and he assures me that abrograting (whatever that is) is his main weapon. He's a good man rooting out Evil in this country and the world.

HT: The end justifies the means?

President Bush: It means Stay the Course.

HT: "Stay the course" means that you don't respond to dissent?

President Bush: Durn right.

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