Attorney General Ashcroft has asked us to sacrifice our privacy so that he can bring terrorists to justice.

Actually, he didn't really ask us. He asked Congress to pass a law overriding certain provisions in the US Consitution, which, in their naiveté, they did.

Without consulting Congress, President Bush, by executive order, established a military-type court. This court hears and decides cases in secret, supposedly to protect national security. There is no appeal to a higher court. There is no publication of its sentences, and if execution should be the court's judgement, that too is secret. So much for the Supreme Court. So much for liberty and justice for all. Just nice words now.

With one stroke, Bush the Younger has wiped out our legal system. Do you really think these extraordinary powers will not be used against ordinary, non-involved citizens? Electronic intercepts can't differentiate between US citizens and non-citizens.

Do you really trust the Justice Department?

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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