Disabilities? Physical or Mental?

The May Computer Digest ran an article written by a Silver Spring attorney who specializes in intellectual property law. Titled "Is Cyberspace Public Property? If So, It should Accommodate The Disabled."

The author cites the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which, according to him, enumerates provisions (vague) to be made for the disabled in public places. He then defines access to the information allegedly available in cyberspace as covered by that Act and that the visually and hearing impaired should be provided with screen devices (Braille monitors?) and closed captioning. He cites the lack in Windows and other software programs for providing methods for the blind to "see" (?) GUI and other images on the screen. He further suggests that governments not use such software products until they do provide for the "disabled". He neglects to mention accommodations in television or radio for providing such access.

Where are these people coming from?