The Bush Years' Archive

Election 2004: vote early and vote often. On the other hand, if your vote counted, it would be dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Bush Wacking: Archive of slams, jokes, interviews

Election 2008

Invade Iran! Why? Weapons of mass destruction, of course. It worked as an excuse for invading Iraq, so go with what works.

Scott McClellan's bombsell book!

March 19, 2008, anti-war demonstrations in Washington and New York: When asked about public opinion against the war, Vice President Cheney declared that he didn't pay any attention to public opinion. So much for democracy.

The Failure of the Washington Press Corps

Vice President Cheney announces that he is not part of the Executive Branch of Government. Is he distancing himself from the White House? What doesn't he understand about the Consitution? See Cheney and all will be explained.

October 21, 2007. VP Cheney announces that our allies will not tolorate Iran building a nuclear weapon. What allies?

Impeachment: groundswell or drip?

White House Press Briefings: Do they really answer reporters' questions? Survey

Presidential malaprops

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