Review of the TV show, Survivor

Survivor? Really! TV game shows are mostly fixed, and this one also is missing some credibiity.

The contestants are wandering around in bathing suits and do not seem to have tanned very much in 15 days on a tropical island with 100 degree temperatures. They showed no signs of a raging sunburn during the first couple of days.

They don't wear hats or have access to salt, yet they haven't suffered heat stroke.

Their diet has been radically altered (supposedly), but they seem to have avoided the runs that would result. I suppose the minicam person would not intrude on such matters.

Since they don't seem to have developed a source of food, other than rats, the show must be supplying them with sustenance (rice is evidently one item). None of them seem to have lost weight, but their lack of energy may not be the result of diet.

The contestants are mostly clueless. The guy building a bowling alley? Where is he going to find a pinsetter? Or beer, for that matter.

If Summer tv programming were not so poor, nobody would tune in to watch these jerks. Whoops. That's giving too much credit to the tv audience.

CBS has really created a news event somehow. The losing survivors get an interview on the CBS morning show. Wonder whether those ratings have increased.

And that's my final answer.