West Wing Season Finales

Aren't they exciting? Dramatic? Do you care?

In the first season finale of West Wing. Domestic terrorists somehow manage to establish snipers positions around the exit of a "town hall" meeting where the president's party was gathered. In reality, the Secret Service would have control of those positions, but somehow procedures failed, and unknown cast members were blown away by automatic weapons. Tune in next fall to find out who is cancelled and who has been renewed. If you care.

Another problem with whoever was editing this episode is that apparently they shuffled scenes. A hand signal indicating a safe landing of the damaged space shuttle was used in scenes before the space shuttle had developed the problem and before the hand signal had been established. This season's finally apparently confused the editors as much as the audience.

West Wing Finale 2003

This episode is titled "25". A step past "24"? Where is Kiefer Sutherland when you need him?

Wow! Zoe gets slipped the date-rape drug by her French prince, and is abducted right under the eyes of the Secret Service. The Secret Service hasn't fouled up so badly since the hit on JFK. Except this time, one of their own got killed.

All a plot by Middle East terrorists in retribution for Bartlet's ok to assassinate a bin Laden type character. Much discussion by the Security Council regarding retribution. Send in bombers? Diplomacy? Wait?

As a parent, Bartlet cannot make the decision. He assembles the Cabinet and the Speaker of the House. The 25th Amendment is invoked and the Speaker is sworn in as temporary President.

Double wow!

John Goodman, whose name did not appear in the credits, asserts himself as the new Commander in Chief and a beaten Martin Sheen walks off the set.

What does it all mean for next season? Will they find Zoe? Will Martin Sheen be replaced next season by the Republican John Goodman? Will the West Wing cast be replaced entirely? Will the 25th Amendment be contrived by more shows? Eoes the Matrix really exist?

The most watched show on network TV? Well, no wonder. With the current overload of reality TV, a pure fantasy is bound to be a hit.

You don't think that West Wing is fantasy?

1. when was there ever a president with an IQ higher than a gerbil?

2. when has there been a first lady who was a respected professional in her own right?

3. When was the Secret Service so sloppy about vetting the first daughter's boy friend?

4. When was a first daughter so naive about drugs?

5. How could the intelligence community forget that political assassination usually leads to an equivalent retaliation?

6. Why hasn't stress jump-started President Bartlett's MS debilitation?

7. How is Aaron Sorkin passing the studio's drug tests?

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